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Wall Pack™ Car
Wash Systems

Wall Pack™ Low-Pressure Systems

• Designed to make the most of limited space in car wash equipment rooms.

• All controls are accessible from the front and utilize stainless steel
manifolds to handle all types of cleaning solutions.

• Available for any number of self-serve bays your location may have and are
expandable for any additional bays you may add in the future.

Wall Pack™ Foaming Systems

• Complete with air diaphragm pumps, soap tank, automatic soap mixing valves,
isolating pump controls, stainless steel manifolds, high quality pressure regulators,
and necessary bay components and hoses for connections from equipment room to bay.

Foaming Tire Cleaner, Foaming Brush, Foaming Wax and Pre-Soak systems are also available.

Wall Pack™ Pre-Soak Pumping Station

Wall Pack™ Pre-Soak Systems include stainless steel pumps, stainless steel tanks,
automatic soap mixing valves, tank heater, stainless steel solenoid valves, stainless
steel check valves, and hoses to make installation quick and easy.

Triple Foam Conditioner, Bug Remover and Winterization systems are also available.