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Unitec Electronics Car Wash Payment Systems

Wash Select II Payment System

In the self-serve automatic car wash market, Unitec's Wash Select II offers the latest industry enhancements, maximum security and minimum maintenance. The Wash Select II is your unattended car wash choice for a reliable salesperson and accountant.

Lane Control System

The Lane Control System allows site owners to manage the flow of traffic to the wash entrance using up to four Wash Select II entry systems and barrier gates.  Customers simply select their desired wash package, add payment, and are instructed to proceed to the wash as the gate opens.

Custom Voice Messages

Enhance your Wash Select II with voice recordings customized with your site name, wash names and entry system options.  Recordings are done at the Unitec factory with a male or female voice.

VIP Wash Pass™ Cards & Customized VIP Wash Pass Cards

The VIP Wash Pass is a marketing system and opportunity to build sales and customer loyalty by offering end users a prepaid card for car washes. In conjunction with the VIP Wash Pass, Unitec offers a customized card that is site-specific with a site photo, logo and/or site name and address. This allows car wash owners to offer a customer loyalty program - to increase revenues with repeat sales and increased site awareness.

Portal TI®

With its sophisticated design, versatile marketing opportunities, expanded reporting, and the most complete menu of payment options in the industry, Unitec's Portal TI® entry system is truly revolutionary technology. As a recognized leader and industry innovator, Unitec Electronics is The Smart Choice in automatic car wash entry systems. With the introduction of Portal TI, the smart choice just got smarter.

Unitec has the finest reputation in the industry for quality, price and after-sales service. As a Unitec partner, you are guaranteed the most return from your investment.

Unitec's Portal TI®


With its sophisticated design, expanded reporting, and the most complete menu of payment options in the industry, the Portal TI entry system is truly revolutionary technology. The Portal TI is an integrated sales and customizable marketing system that allows you to increase revenue through multiple advertising opportunities, loyalty programs and cross merchandising avenues.

Customizable Display

The Portal boasts a customizable display for site-wide marketing consistency. The main Customer Interface Screen has multiple customizable options for maximum site-wide marketing opportunities and consistency. Choose from twelve color and seasonal schemes, or create your own custom scheme for your color graphics screen, keeping your site interesting and gaining customer loyalty. Wash detail video clips can be captured by the site owner and will aid the customer in their wash selection. A Wash Detail Screen may also be added with written descriptions of each wash instead of a video. Before your customer enters the wash, a post sale advertisement is available for customization, in the form of either a video or a text message.

Voice Messaging

The voice messaging system can be customized with your voice, allowing you to promote your site throughout the customer’s transaction process.

Promotional Tools

The Portal TI’s various promotional tools allow you to build customer loyalty and promote site-wide consistency. Discounts are a reduction from the normal price of the wash, offered as an incentive to your customers. Discounts can be presented to all users at the time of purchase, or can be triggered by various media and given to selected customers. Portal supports an unlimited number of discounts, and multiple discount programs can be in effect at the same time. Examples of Portal’s discounts are specials, point of purchase discounts, charities and fundraisers, VIP Wash Coupons and house accounts.

Receipt Messages

Programmable receipt messages can include a header, footer, special wash instructions and promotional notices for advertising and cross promotions. Five lines of text are available for both the header and footer.

Graphics Panels

Multiple graphics panels turn your Portal TI into an advertising billboard that positions and sells 24/7. The panels are outdoor-rated and UV-protected and they are also subsurface printed (printing on the back surface so the graphics cannot be scratched off). The backlit logo topper, which offers additional customization opportunities, is scheduled for release in the V2 version of the Portal TI.