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Spot Free Rinse Systems
Provide a clean and shiny car after the final Spot Free Rinse application.
Express - RO Reverse Osmosis System
Download Express - RO
With The Express - RO system you can expect an increase in Wash Revenue, Vehicle Shine, Time Sold in Bay, Wash Traffic and a Return on Investement.

The cost of producing spot-free rinse is
low when compared to other selections. It is also
likely to be used more often in the bay
than most of the other selections.

How it Works?
Using a technique called “cross-flow filtration”, water
is passed through a permeable membrane with a third
of the water allowed to permeate the membrane
removing most of its impurities. While the remaining
water passes over the surface of the membrane
and removes anything left behind. The water
which has passed through the membrane is
now ready for use.

Available Flow Rates

2200 GPD • 4400 GPD
6600 GPD • 8800 GPD
13,200 GPD
Express - RO Reverse Osmosis System
Download Express - RO