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PDQ Automatic Car Wash Products

Access Customer Management System

The Access® S-Series
Access® S-Series
The Access® B-Series
Access® B-Series
The Access® N-Series
Access® N-Series

Access® S-Series
The Access® S-Series features the industry’s most secure vault and an integrated stacker that aligns and stacks bills to eliminate laborious hand stacking. It accepts payment by bills up to $20 for single washes or up to $100 for purchases of multiple washes or replenishment of a Wash Access Loyalty System (WALS) account. It also accepts credit cards, loyalty club cards, credit accounts, debit accounts, codes, and tokens.

The Access® B-Series is a Basic cash unit that accepts cards, codes, coins and bills up to $20.

The Access® N-Series is a Non-cash system for locations where cash handling is not desired. It accepts cards and codes.
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Max Air Dryers


Your customers will enjoy drier vehicles. You'll enjoy lower operating costs! Add MaxAir to your vehicle wash system today!

The MaxAir Stand-Alone Dryer utilizes concentrated air columns, air drafting, and an optimized array of blowers to deliver high-velocity air to the vehicle surface.

Concentrated Air Columns
MaxAir maximizes air velocity to the vehicle surface by using concentrated air columns. By concentrating the air columns, MaxAir delivers high-velocity air to the vehicle surface – whether it’s a tall SUV or low profile sports car.

Air Drafting
MaxAir utilizes four stationary 7.5 horsepower blowers with the two center blowers in line to take advantage of air drafting. The first blower does the job of breaking the air, reducing the amount of wind resistance the trailing blower experiences. The trailing blower can now work on evaporating water off the vehicle surface. Optional 7.5hp side producers can be added to increase drying effectiveness even further.

Blower Positions
MaxAir blowers are strategically positioned to move water quickly off the vehicle surface using the shortest distance possible. When water droplets move on a vehicle, they split. The more they split, the smaller they become. Unfortunately, smaller water droplets are more difficult to move. With MaxAir, large water droplets move quickly off the vehicle sides rather than up and over the vehicle.
Max Air Dryers

Modular Car Wash Buildings

PDQ Vehicle Wash System

Features and Benefits

Equipped with PDQ's LaserWash® M5 or G5 S-Series equipment
Single or multiple bay units available
PDQ LaserWash® exterior package or custom exterior options available
Ships complete with concrete slab
Fully plumbed and wired; includes utility provisions for site needs (vacs, vending, lighting)
Overhead systems tend to last longer and hold up better than floor mounted systems.
Qualifies for accelerated depreciation and tax advantages
Can be relocated at any time
Installed in days - not months!
Modular Buildings