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Mercury Carwash Payment System

Bring the power of the Internet to your car wash with the
Mercury Carwash Payment System.

Mercury allows you to utilize High Speed Internet connections to process
credit cards in a fraction of the time required for standard dial up systems.
The high-speed connection allows you to pre-authorize credit cards in just
seconds before activating the Self Serve Car Wash System or Vacuum.

With the swipe of a card the Mercury Carwash Payment System automatically sends the credit and payment information to the appropriate parties. The same networks used to validate and deposit your car wash revenue are used to remotely check and track activity. With the Mercury software and hardware the operator can feel confident that even while offsite, they can check sales, generate reports, and view transactions.

Gift and fleet cards can be integrated into the givex system for use with participating sites. This system is especially useful for multi-site operators and cards can be customized with your car wash name.


• Accepts Major Credit Cards
• Generate Additional Revenue
• Get Current Activity Reports Online
• Notify Fleet Accounts Of Low Balance
• Track & Manage Your Fleet Accounts Remotely
• Email Fleet Accounts Special End Of Day Messages

• Combines Single Customer Purchases Into One Transaction
• Tracks Revenue Per Bay Or Vacuum By Coins, Dollar Bills, Credit Cards & Fleet Cards

We Can Now Accept and Process Credit Card Transactions For Unitec’s Wash Select II!
Did You Know?
Credit Card Consumers On Average Spend More Per Vehicle
Accepting Credit Cards Equals An Increase In Dollars Per Vehicle
The Average Consumer Has At Least Four Credit Cards
There Are Over 164 Million Credit Card Holders In The U.S.

System Compatibility

Mercury/Unitec’s Wash Select II
We Can Now Accept and Process Credit Card Transactions For Unitec’s Wash Select II!
Wireless Option Available!
Easier to Install, More Profits, Secure Encryption, More Convenience, No Wires to Pull, No Transaction Fees for Fleet, Gift, or Maintenance Cards
Download Mercury Car Wash Payment System