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MacNeil Tunnel Car Wash Systems

Macneil Tunnel Car
Wash Equipment


MacNeil Wash Systems is the leading manufacturer of quality car wash equipment. The combination of extensive research, innovative design, top quality components, protective Pro-Coat finish and Envirosoft foam material are only a few ingredients that have helped MacNeil earn its reputation as “The Best in Automatic Car Wash Systems”. Add in our total service commitment and expert distributor support, and you’ll have a profitable car wash your customers will love.

MacNeil Wash Systems

MacNeil RG - 440 Car
Wash Conveyors

The MacNeil RG-440 Conveyor is known for being ahead of the times, setting industry standards and making operators’ lives safer, easier and cleaner.

Now available in electric drive with MacNeil’s Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology, the RG-440 offers the same great performance with precise control for energy savings, pit-free adjustments and quiet operation.  The conveyor is the backbone of your wash. It needs to provide consistent throughputs and deliver reliable results, especially on the high traffic - high profit days. Reliability is exactly why MacNeil’s RG-440 Conveyor has earned a reputation as the best in the industry. With a proven service and safety record spanning more than 25 years, innovative features, simple design, easy maintenance, and impeccable durability, the RG-440 is the workhorse powering thousands of car washes worldwide.
The MacNeil RG-440 Conveyor

MW-200 Wheel Boss

Wheel cleaning has become one of the most important elements in today’s successful car washes. Wheels come in numerous sizes and demand significant attention to detail, making cleaning more difficult than ever. Manufactures have attempted to address the increasing need to produce a cleaner wheel without relying on manual labor, but until the development of the MacNeil Wheel Boss, these products simply didn’t clean wheels thoroughly or safely.

The Wheel Boss is a highly engineered all-in-one wheel cleaning system featuring a uniquely designed Envirosoft foam brush and a 6-nozzle Magnum Wheel Blaster. The “Cam Style” foam brush creates a pulsating action for intense, simultaneous tire and rim cleaning, while safely providing a polishing effect that enhances cleaning results on raised white lettering.
The Wheel Boss

RS-1000 Evolution Top Brush

MacNeil is known as the industry leader in the development of new products that produce cleaner, dryer vehicles. In 2002, MacNeil re-introduced the top brush to car wash technology, and quickly proved that the Evolution is the most powerful piece of top cleaning equipment on the market today. Featuring MacNeil’s revolutionary Envirosoft 2nd Generation foam cleaning material, it is light weight, gentle on vehicle protrusions such as antennas, grills, wipers and bug shields, and outperforms any mitters or other top brushes on the market.

MacNeil’s RS-1000 Evolution Top Brush is engineered to target specific problem areas including front window eyebrows, upper back windows, roof racks and rear spoilers, and delivers the same great clean to SUVs, minivans, pickup trucks and small cars.
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MacNeil’s RS-1000 Evolution Top Brush