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MacNeil  Car Wash Dryers

MacNeil recognizes the importance of reducing your reliance on labor, simplifying your day to day operations,
and providing a safe car wash environment for you, your staff and your customers. These principles are fundamental
to MacNeil's engineering process, particularly the Tech 21 Drying System.

The Tech 21 Drying System is fully customizable to meet your specific needs. Dryers are available in 10hp and 15hp
units, with a selection of round or rectangular nozzles and a multitude of positioning and programming capabilities.
Complete your package with MacNeil's PowerLock Air Valve, the industry's newest innovation for energy savings,
sound reduction and smart dryer control.

Whether you choose a simple dryer system or customize a package including all of MacNeil's drying components, you
can trust that MacNeil's Tech 21 Drying System will help eliminate the need for towel drying, ease installation and setup,
increase customer satisfaction, and improve overall safety.

Tech 21 Car Wash Drying System

Tech 21 Drying System
Download Tesc 21 Drying System Brochure
The Tech 21 Drying System is fully customizable to best meet the needs of each car wash, and to fit varying space requirements. The cone of each producer is engineered to provide concentrated, direct air flow for efficiency and superior drying results, and can easily be adjusted for optimal positioning without moving the housing. In fact, because of its concentrated air flow and advanced design, a MacNeil 10hp dryer produces almost as much air as other 15hp dryers.

The Tech 21 offers complete flexibility. Available in 10hp and 15hp units, Tech 21 producers can be combined with fixed, flip or SMART nozzles to achieve your specific drying requirements.

MacNeil's Tech 21 Dryers are engineered and designed for safety. Each producer is manufactured of a rotocast plastic housing which provides the most aerodynamic shape for drying. MacNeil manufactures the impellors in-house to guarantee their quality, and coats them with zinc nickel dichromate to prevent corrosion. Additionally,  the impellors are dynamically balanced on two planes, and the entire inner housing is wrapped with expandable metal mesh for added safety. Once in place, each dryer is fastened with safety cable for additional security.

MacNeil's Tech 21 Drying System is available in standard packages or can be customized in a Pro-Build system to meet your specific needs. All dryers are touchless to keep a clean, open tunnel that provides a pleasant experience for your customers. Tech 21 arches are protected with Pro-Coat for longevity and easy cleaning.

Car Wash Drying System Features

.  No conflicting air flow - concentrated pattern provides superior drying results
.  Welded steel fans and exclusive cone design produce high volume of air flow
.  Stainless steel reinforced molded producer housings for greater safety and less noise
.  Dynamically balanced impellors
.  155 mph air speed
.  3800 CFM (107.6 CMM) rating
.  Flexible mounting design allows for site-specific customization
.  Programmable SMART Nozzles can rotate 360, oscillate and flip to follow vehicle
   and dry vehicles of all sizes
.  Fiber optic nozzle synchronization
.  Pro-Coat finish
.  1 year warranty on drive system

PowerLock Energy Saving Air Valve

Download Powerlock Energy Saving Air Valve Brochure

The PowerLock is a lightweight air valve that mounts to the fan inlet of Tech 21 dryers.
By restricting air flow between vehicles, it allows the fans to continue operating while decreasing dryer motor horsepower by over 50%. This extends the dryer lifespan and significantly reduces average energy levels recorded by your utility meter.

By incorporating sound deadening materials, the PowerLock controls dryer noise at the source, minimizing harmful frequencies by 3-5dB when engaged. This provides a safer working environment for employees, and can aid in your approval process.

The PowerLock also eliminates pickup bed and soft-top convertible headaches! When equipped with automatic sensing technology, the PowerLocks engage instantaneously to eliminate or delay drying for pick-up beds and convertibles, ensuring a clean, safe tunnel for employees and customers.

Product Features

.  Can be fitted to any MacNeil Tech 21 Dryer
.  All-aluminum, lightweight construction
.  Stainless steel and UHMW glide surfaces
.  Incorporates sound deadening material