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PDQ Vehicle Wash Systems

PDQ has been an operator-driven company since its inception. William "Red" Lewis, founder of PDQ, began in the vehicle wash industry as an operator in 1967. Never satisfied with the wash equipment of the times, he constantly experimented and built his own versions of wash components.

In 1984, Red formed Carefree Vehicle Wash Equipment. He teamed with touch-free pioneer Forrest Burton and produced the legendary Burton Follower® Arch. It was the first robotic arch to closely follow the contours and shape of any vehicle. By 1985, they developed a complete line of touch-free car wash equipment under the name of Carefree.

Shortly thereafter, Red expanded this manufacturing business and introduced the LaserWash® product line and Carefree changed its company name to PDQ, reflecting the company’s highest standards in Performance, Dependability, and Quality.

In 1998, PDQ announced the sale of PDQ Manufacturing to Dover Corporation of New York, who acquires highly specialized manufacturing companies who are leaders in their respective industries.
PDQ also gained ISO 9001:2000 certification that year, one of the highest recognitions for quality of standards in materials, equipment, support services, and product testing.

In the spring of 2000, PDQ rolled-out the greatest advancement in vehicle wash equipment to date, the LaserWash® G5. Nearly five years in research and development, PDQ applied for seven unique patents on the "G5" (fifth generation) recognizing its unparalleled resource efficiency, user-friendliness, and reliability.

PDQ’s commitment to continuous product innovation and the development of value-added technologies lead to the introduction of the LaserWash® G5 S-Series and Access® Customer Management System in 2003.

In early 2005, PDQ introduced the LaserWash M5, the successor to the unmatched LaserWash 4000. The M5 incorporates newer technologies and more advanced features that make your in-bay automatic more efficient, more reliable and even easier to use.

Today, PDQ continues its global leadership role as the world’s largest manufacturer of touch free vehicle wash systems. PDQ brands include LaserWash® In-Bay Automatics, MaxAir™ Dryers, Access® Customer Management System, Tandem™ RiteTouch Vehicle Wash Systems and SpectraWash® Conveyorized Tunnel Systems.

MacNeil Wash Systems was established by brothers Dan and Vince MacNeil in 1982.

The Company designs and manufactures quality car wash systems for the tunnel car wash industry and for the automotive dealer, fleet and rental markets. MacNeil products are engineered to provide superior cleaning performance, reduced maintenance, increased production, maximum cost savings and equipment longevity. All MacNeil equipment is backed by our focus on service excellence. We distribute and support our products through an international network of more than 50 distributors that is second to none in capability and performance.

Today MacNeil Wash Systems has grown to a staff of over 100. With the customer focus and commitment of our distributors, MacNeil has enjoyed an average 20% annual growth rate each year for the past 5 years. MacNeil equipment is now in operation in locations such as Germany, Sweden, Spain, Australia, Korea, Belgium, Poland, Israel, Britain, Italy, Netherlands, and Puerto Rico and across Canada and the United States including Alaska.

In March of 2005 MacNeil obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification after less than a year of preparation. This was an important move for the company because it demonstrated MacNeil's commitment to customer satisfaction and continual improvement; key elements of the new ISO standard that are also fundamental to our own company philosophy.

MacNeil's customer list covers the full range of operators in the tunnel market segment, from major oil companies, major retailers, regional oil companies, multi site operators / car wash consolidators to individual investors / operators.


Nearly 80 years ago, Ecolab began with a single product and a single employee, doing business in a single market.

But thanks to a single-minded determination to provide the very best cleaning, sanitation and service solutions, today we're a global leader with the size, scope and expertise that would surely surpass our founder's wildest expectations.

We are truly a remarkable company, one with a history rich in service, innovation and continuing growth.

Blue Coral

Since 1927, Blue Coral has been a legendary leader in automotive cleaners, polishes and protectants, and is one of the longest running brands in the automotive aftermarket. Known as the 'Cadillac' of waxes, Blue Coral has continued
to grow with new product innovations, continuously researching and developing better, more effective ways to clean and protect vehicles and deliver satisfied car care consumers. In 1996, Ecolab Inc. bought Blue Coral’s professional car wash business which has since formed the backbone for Ecolab Vehicle Care's product portfolio.

Blue Coral is one of the largest selling brands in the retail and professional car wash market. This powerful brand name represents a legacy of innovation and value. Today the brand is attached to a variety of product categories listed below, featuring both highly concentrated liquid products – as well as the industry’s only solid alkaline presoak, Blue Coral Solid Power Hi pH 3300.

For years, the Rain-X brand has been the first name in glass treatment for better visibility while driving. Using the same advanced water repelling technology, we have developed the industry's first complete surface protectant that treats the vehicle’s glass, paint, trim and chrome! Better yet, the Rain-X brand marketing programs feature powerful messaging and promotional materials for every season and every part of the country, ensuring that no matter where you are, Rain-X can increase your wash volumes and customer satisfaction.

Cat Pumps

CAT PUMPS is a manufacturer of quality, industrial, positive displacement, triplex piston and plunger pumps and custom engineered pumping systems with over 40 years of experience in industrial high pressure systems.

UNITEC Electronics
Unitec Electronics designs and manufactures car wash entry systems, accounting systems and bill changers for all segments of the car wash market. Our superior products allow car wash owners to offer their customers convenient solutions; increasing customer loyalty and keeping them coming back time after time. Unitec strives to make it easy for our distributors and their customers to grow and profit from their business.

Unitec’s line of premium, customizable entry systems include the Wash Select II™, Wash Select II™ POS, Wash Select II™ with Speedpass™ and Portal TI®. Unitec offers our WashChange® bill changer in single and dual styles.

Unitec has the finest reputation in the industry for quality, price and after-sales service. As a Unitec partner, you are guaranteed the most return from your investment.