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In-Bay Express Wash Conversion

In-Bay Express Wash Conversion
Profit in 35 Easy Feet

Converting to a high-volume mini tunnel is easy, affordable and profitable If you have 35 feet and an underperforming in-bay automatic, you've got what you need to make the switch to a profit-producing mini tunnel. MacNeil's In-bay Express Wash Conversion puts the industry's best mini tunnel retrofit solution into the smallest space, setting you up to triple your throughput.

It Pays to Convert:

  • Out of the box conversion for slow-moving in-bay automatics requires just 35 feet
  • Compete with the upsurge in express tunnels in your market
  • Triple your throughput to as many as 50+ cars per hour
  • Pump up the profits with the Wheel and Tire Add-on
  • Cut installation costs with minimal downtime and little or no site changes
  • Save even more through reduced water and chemical consumption