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Your business has so much riding on customer satisfaction. Ours, too. That's why we go the extra mile to ensure your customers get a clean car, a great value, and the kind of positive wash experience that drives loyalty and recommendations.

When you partner with Carolina Pride, you can have confidence that you are providing customers with a superior car wash experience that exceeds expectations and drives loyalty.

Ecolab's customer-focused solutions for your success include:

  • Advanced products and technologies deliver superior results time after time.
  • A variety of colors, foams and scents provide a pleasing experience and proof of application.
  • Industry experts professionally configure your operation for optimum cleaning in any water and soil conditions, or equipment setups.
  • Ecolab research and development teams are dedicated to creating new ways to better meet your customers' needs.


Not just for windshields anymore. Rain-X® Complete Surface Protectant is the game-changing protectant that has driven millions of dollars in added revenue services to the car wash industry since its launch in 2006.

For Proven Solutions for Your Success, Zep Vehicle Care is Everywhere it Matters. your Success