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Profit in 35 Easy Feet
Out-of-the box conversion for slow-moving in-bay automatics requires just 35 ft
Complete with the upsurge in express tunnels in your market
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Tunnel Saver Injection System
Tunnel Solutions
Tunnel Saver Injection System
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Grow Profits

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MacNeil Tunnel Carwash System
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Carolina Pride Carwash Inc. has been in the car wash business for over 40 years and is the largest supplier of automatic car wash systems in North and South Carolina, selling, installing and servicing PDQ LaserWash touch free automatic car wash systems and MacNeil Tunnel Car Wash Systems. We are also the exclusive distributor of Blue Coral Cleaning Solutions including the popular RainX surface protectant. Our service department is the largest and best trained in North and South Carolina and our technicians receive recurrent training every two weeks. To ensure a clean car, Performa self serve equipment comes complete with presoak and high pressure soap, rinse, wax, tire cleaner, foam brush, reverse osmosis production and spot free delivery. Our self serve equipment includes the Performa, Performa Plus, Performa Plus High Efficiency Boiler, Express Series and the Compact Series.

Quality, Reliability, Dependability
We know the importance of superior quality and reliability in car wash equipment. We continually field-test our existing and new products before putting them in the field to ensure that our investors and operators have the most reliable products on the market today. Our goal is to offer a complete package that provides you with the greatest profit potential possible. Keeping It Simple also allows Carolina Pride to develop some amazing products. The Mercury Carwash Payment System leads the industry in credit card technology. With a high speed Internet connection, the Mercury Carwash Payment System can pre-authorize credit cards in as little as three seconds.

We will help grow your car wash business
We take pride in helping your car wash business grow with our high level of experience and trained professionals, our new and innovative products, and superior quality. The end result is increased revenues per bay and increased profits overall. When you invest in a new car wash, the equipment you buy is the most important part of your investment. It will ultimately bring in the revenue, which will pay for your location, building and any additional expenses. We understand the importance of this investment and you can count on us for the best value and reliability. “You know PDQ has reliable and dependable automatic car wash systems and Carolina Pride has provided tremendous customer service to ensure the equipment is operating correctly. At Carolina Pride they go above and beyond with their service and installation, they are a first class company.” Mark Cunningham, Hurry Clean, Wilson, NC.